Cyberspace & Information Operations

CYBER CIC, LLC supports all levels of government with cyber and information expertise. We tailor our capabilities to the customer: federal, state, local and education! 

For the Department of Defense, CYBER CIC, LLC founder is an authority at the nexus of policy, strategy, and requirements for Cyberspace Operations with an emphasis on the Cyber Training Range Executive Agent and cyber training environments: 

  • Provides support to the Army’s PEO-STRI for developing reserve component requirements of the Persistent Cyber Training Environment
  • Developed and assessed the Indiana National Guard’s strategy and resource plan for the Muscatatuck Cyber Training Center
  • Teaches Cyber for Program Teams to DoD engineers developing cyber resilient weapons platforms while applying the risk management framework

CYBER CIC professionals provide cyberspace and information operations subject matter expertise to government clients: 

  • Developed and executed a table-top exercise to assess a US Army information advantage formation
  • Improved the US Army’s information warfare wargaming capability with a thorough report detailing required actions to complete a digital and analog wargame
  • CYBER CIC collaborated on a cyber electromagnetic activities and signals intelligence communications strategy for a client to assure resourcing and customer support
  • As a DoD Highly Qualified Expert, CYBER CIC’s founder developed a comprehensive cyberspace operations wargame roadmap for the National Defense University College of Information and Cyberspace