Cyber CIC, LLC offers products and services from the following NAICS:
541519 - Other Computer Related Services
541611 - Administration Management & General   Management Consulting Services
541618 - Other Management Consulting Services
541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
611310 - Colleges, universities and professional schools
611430 - Professional and management development training
611710 - Educational support services


In December 2016, a potential customer saw my LinkedIn profile and asked if I was willing to spend some time advising the customer on a project. I figured, "Why not incorporate and see what happen?" So I formed Cyber CIC (​​ Cyberspace, Information, and Cognitive security strategies - also the first three letters of my last name), LLC.  I enjoy teaching so I added the ability to provide courseware and guest speaking.

After 29 years of serving in a large organization like the US Army, I decided it was time for me to operate independently.  My philosophy is to offer personalized service and assist others by applying my experiences, good and bad, to accelerate the organization's learning and progress.