Make Better Decisions

Strategic Advisors/Fractional CISOs
Experienced consultants are CYBER CIC’s greatest asset. Whether you call us strategic advisors or fractional/virtual CISOs, CYBER CIC consultants have significant practical security experience across government and commercial sectors to help you make better decisions about improving your people, processes, and technologies.
MSP & IT Collaboration

CYBER CIC’s goal is to make your team better. We believe a great MSP and IT team can do the most for your cybersecurity posture. We complement your team by showing them how to make the most of your IT and security infrastructure. For startups, we can help you find the bestfitting MSP.

Policy, Plans, & Process Reviews

Many small businesses pay lip service to their business process plans and policies. CYBER CIC can help you establish logical integrated plans: incident response, disaster recovery, business continuity and more. Let us help you develop a plan, then implement a policy. 

Tabletop Exercises

Practice your business plans and policies with a dry run without the stress of a real-world crisis. Our tabletops are realistic, measured, and practical. You will learn more about your organization, the threat, and your plans when we put your team through the paces.

Reputation Assurance

Social media, email and company data constitute just a small part of internet presence, yet potentially can represent an extreme reputational risk to an individual, his family, colleagues, and business. Reputation assurance solutions address these risks and may involve dark web and social media research and monitoring; threat and vulnerability, and assessments; crisis management; situational analysis; broad-based due diligence; and more.

Cyber Risk Assessments

Making better decisions starts with understanding your situation. CYBER CIC helps leaders select the best risk model to fit their organizations’ needs and decision-making processes. We work with leaders on their terms and tailor the process to their preferred outcomes.

Business-Specific Cybersecurity Training

CYBER CIC has plenty of experience designing training for cyber training environments and developing cybersecurity training for engineers and team members on organizationunique systems. Likewise, we can set up your organization with enterprise-wide user training from established third parties.

Technical Testing

Pen testing, red teaming, vulnerability assessments, you name it. CYBER CIC partners are the best at what they do and can help improve your processes and optimize your technologies.

Computer & Cell Phone Forensics

When a breach occurs or you suspect a breach, these systems may hold evidence critical to the investigation and remediation effort.  CYBER CIC and its partners’ subject matter experts collect and analyze data to identify and gather the relevant evidence needed for any legal or regulatory action.

Business Intelligence

CYBER CIC partners are highly trained and experienced specialists who provide intelligence assessments and informationgathering services.  Their in-depth analyses use advanced technology as well as the tactics, techniques, and procedures which the defense and intelligence communities utilize.   Partner experts leverage open source and proprietary databases to assist clients in identifying and minimizing risks that may impact operations, whether it be for due diligence, fraud, mergers and acquisitions, arbitrations, asset location, deep or dark web investigations or analysis. 


Cost Optimization

CYBER CIC partners ensure you get the best business services at the best price – all while identifying billing errors, eliminating redundancies, and improving efficiency. The network of cost reduction specialists leverages proprietary software, best-in-class pricing databases and long-standing relationships with service providers to find savings and monitor your accounts on an ongoing basis so that they remain optimal

Non-Bank Lending

CYBER CIC partners provide creative and customized financing solutions from $250,000 to $500 million for businesses both large and small. With funding capabilities that rival even the largest financial institutions, combined with a team of seasoned business professionals, our partners are in a unique position to handle your transaction while providing unmatched support.

CYBER CIC, LLC offers products and services from the following NAICS & SINs:

541512/S (GSA) – Computer Systems Design Services
541519 – Other Computer Related Services
541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
541690 (GSA) – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
611420 (GSA) – Computer Training
611710 – Educational Support Services