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According to The Free Dictionary: e·clec·tic (ĭ-klĕk′tĭk) 


  1.  Selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources,  systems, or styles 
  2. Made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources 

n. One that follows an eclectic method. 

What makes CYBER CIC, LLC eclectic? 

Sys admin? Been there done that. Network migrations? Yep. Information assurance, IT certification and accreditation, computer security and all of the cybersecurity derivatives? Yep. Communications security, operations security, information security and physical security training and experiences? Uh-huh. Electronic spectrum operations? Yeah, some of that too. Marketing, branding, and influence? Believe it or not, yeah. 

Jack-of-all-trades and master of some? I’d like to think. 

I have many experiences and interests within the information business and across lines of business. What interests me now? Having CYBER CIC solve your cyber and information challenges so your organization can focus on whatever it does best. Contact us so we can learn what you need.

Our Philosophy

CYBER CIC is a cybersecurity consulting company that focuses on people: strategic advisors and fractional CISOs to execute a risk assessment process that best fits a client leader’s decision-making preferences. Rather than use a single model, we tailor the model to the decision maker’s preferences.

We also believe the most important cybersecurity decision an organization makes is its choice of IT and MSP partner. That partner is best positioned to provide the organization basic cybersecurity services. Understand, though, that IT’s default mode is to ensure your information is available. Cybersecurity also considers data confidentiality and integrity. These two attributes require a collaborative security expert who is committed to improving the whole team.

Our History

In December 2016, a potential client saw my LinkedIn profile and asked if I would spend some time advising the client on a project. I thought, “Why not incorporate and see what happens?” So I formed CYBER CIC (​​Cyberspace, Information, and Cognitive security strategies – also the first three letters of my last name), LLC. I enjoy teaching, so I added the ability to provide courseware and guest speaking.